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The WordPress free downloader lets you download all the latest WordPress Themes and Plugins free of costs. There are tons of free WordPress themes and plugins available that will save you money and still look professional. Moreover, You can also download premium version of any WordPress themes and plugins via this page.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management software (CMS) that lets you easily build and manage websites. WordPress is among the top using CMS in the worldwide. Millions of bloggers, business owners and journalists make use of WordPress each day to maintain their online presence.

It’s a favorite software for those with no programming experience to create blogs and websites. The software is free. Anyone can install, run and alter it for absolutely nothing.

Is WordPress Free?

WordPress is a free and open source software. WordPress program itself is accessible and free of charge. If you want to download it today, you could visit WordPress.org to download the entire and unrestricted WordPress software without having to pay one cent.

WordPress is released under the GNU General Public License (or GPL) which means anyone is able to download, modify and modify, use as well as sell software as long as they make it available in accordance with GPL.

The software is completely cost-free, however you may pay for:

  • Hosting
  • Premium support
  • Updates to premium plugins/themes and plugins.
  • Premium themes
  • Premium plugins

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular platform used by a lot of business and bloggers. In fact, over 40% online utilize WordPress. There are several reasons as to why WordPress is so well-known:

1. WordPress is open source.

WordPress is an open-source software. It means that anyone can alter the source code, and distribute the software. It’s intended for users who want to share their thoughts to enhance the platform. It has an open-source community that can help in making WordPress even more efficient.

2. WordPress is simple to learn for anyone.

WordPress does not require a degree in computer engineering. It’s designed for people who aren’t technical. The user interface is easy and easy to use. To incorporate a brand new look for your site You can download themes. If you want to add a function for example, an contact form, simply need to install the plugin. Website development projects that could take hours to finish can now be accomplished in only minutes.

3. WordPress is SEO-friendly.

It’s not enough just to make an WordPress site. It is important for people to discover and browse your site through the use of search engine optimization. By using SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO it is possible to boost your rank by using internal linking suggestions as well as meta descriptions templates.

4. WordPress supports all types of media.

WordPress doesn’t restrict any of the major media formats. This means that you can put any combination of images, text as well as videos on your site. In the present competitive environment for attention from consumers it’s important to know that this platform allows you freedom of choice.

5. WordPress is safe.

Security is an important business concern. With the amount of data breaches that occur each year, you’ll want confidence that your personal information (and the data of your customers) is secure. If you ensure that you keep your plugins up-to-date and passwords secured, WordPress is one of the most secure as well as secured CMS platform. WordPress offers a variety of options to protect your website, including the ability to log out users who are not using it and implementing two-factor authentication.

WordPress Free Themes

You can find thousands of free themes in the WordPress directory.

These themes are developed by a range of developers, including volunteers and commercial theme developers. All of them go through rigorous testing before they are made public so that you can feel confident that they are reliable, secure, and well-coded.

The WordPress themes directory is where you can download free themes. They can be downloaded from there, or installed through the Themes section of your site admin.

Avoid downloading free themes from any other source If the theme is secure and robust, the developer should distribute it via the official directory. If you don’t, then you could end up installing a theme on your site with malicious or spammy code.

WordPress Free Plugins

The plugins directory contains thousands of free WordPress plug-ins. These plugins range from simple plugins that just add code to your site, or dashboard, to more complex plugins like WooCommerce that adds a full-featured store to your site.

How To Pick The Best Free WordPress Theme

There are tons of free WordPress themes and plugins available in the marketplaces? The main question is how to pick the right one of theme? No worries! here you will get some extraordinary tips.

Here we are presenting three factor of choosing the best WordPress theme for a website. Keep in mind below three factor while picking a WordPress theme:

  • Mobile-friendly The design of a website must be fully responsive since over half of worldwide web traffic is now on mobile devices. This is another SEO rank factor you must pay focus on.
  • Support and updates Our third ranking factor was to look for the latest updates as well as support. (Outdated themes are not recommended.) It is guaranteed that a theme regularly updated is compatible with the most current WordPress as well as PHP versions. In terms of support, a free theme isn’t required to provide one-on one support, but it does require comprehensive documentation and a thriving support forum.
  • Customizations The free WordPress theme must be customisable – at the very least, to a certain extent. We have added themes that can be customized and brand to show off you online presence.