[10] Best Technology Blog WordPress Themes of 2022

Technology is among the most popular topics for bloggers and their followers. If you’re an avid tech enthusiast and would like to create a blog about technology, then you’ll need an appropriate theme that will give you the desired appearance to your website. In this article, we’ve picked the top 10 themes for tech blogs.

All of the top WordPress technology themes are versatile. It is possible to edit templates that have been built using the best page builders plugins. But, you are able to alter the design of your website using theme settings and control.

If you want to run a website, you should use a compatible theme. If you’re planning to start using WordPress for your CMS and you are looking for a theme, we have a variety of WordPress themes we’ve reviewed below to help you in this process.

These themes will assist you greatly if you want to start your own business with a tech blog. These are the top 10 WordPress Themes For Tech Blog in this collection to help you start your own tech blog.

Best Tech Blog WordPress Themes 2022

Each theme of this list is suitable for creating WordPress tech blogs. All themes come with at least one demo website that was designed specifically to serve this specific purpose. This lets you upload pre-designed templates into the WordPress dashboard.

1. Pixwell


Pixwell theme offers multi-faceted contemporary, robust, and modern WordPress magazine theme. Pixel offers amazing features, a stunning design, completely mobile-responsive and responsive. It puts the content in front of viewers in the most elegant way. If you’re considering creating a stunning blog and magazine website, then this is the perfect choice. Additionally, it’s adaptable and flexible. It is suitable to create recipes technology, fashion, travel personal.

This theme is compatible with well-known WordPress plugins, such as Theme Element, Cooked (recipe plugin) WooCommerce (recipe plugin), Contact Form 7, AMP, W3 Total Cache, Yoast Search, and many other plugins.  The schema is SEO easy to use with a consistent structure and also presenting clearly thought-out information. It also supports breadcrumb bar, the organization and the search box for site links open graph.

Pixwell themes are also optimized for databases and speedy loading, which means it is able to ensure that search engines love and rank your site. The other thing to remember is that, even if you think of building an amazing website, it is best to use. In order to achieve this, nearly every module has a single meta that stores all the other post-related data in a modular manner. It is also important to consider that taking the load is only followed by taking all the burden (is it worth it?)

One of the great features of the theme is that it supports it’s included Ruby Composer and Element maker. This makes it simpler for new users of WP to make use of this theme.

2. Networker


Networker is a WordPress theme that is focused on technology news. It also has a range of blog and magazine demonstrations. There are demos for startups blogs, gadgets, and software and the main demonstration. It is possible to choose to use this demo as a whole or choose one of these more particular alternatives regardless of the type of blog you have.

You’ll notice that all of the Networker demos have beautiful homepages. They are perfect for creating magazine or news websites, as and blogs that have plenty of content. The layouts are able to display several articles with each having the title, the featured image and the article’s title. The visitors can select among a wide selection of articles on your website.

Networker comes with extra features that can enhance the look of your website to your visitors. Networker can display videos that are featured instead of images within posts. To make your site more appealing, you can utilize videos as backgrounds on your pages.

Networker comes with a range of elements can be added to your webpages. It is easy to include image slideshows, galleries and carousels into your content. Networker allows you to incorporate products in articles. This is what makes Networker perfect for reviewing items that customers might be interested in purchasing.

The vast selection of templates offered by Networker is just one reason to choose the platform. There are a variety of designs available for individual posts as well as homepage layouts. You can pick from a variety of designs to show the most recent content on archives pages. It is possible to create a variety of archive templates to suit different categories, so that your tech blog will have a distinctive design that will never get boring.

Networker is available in light and dark versions Your customers can pick which one they prefer.

3. The Fox


Similar to the theme mentioned above is also very simple to utilize. It’s funny that you don’t know any programming in mind, this theme is for you. The theme will assist you. But this theme is not for everyone. Fox theme is ideal for those who do not have any technical knowledge. All you need to install is a single-click website designer. Another benefit of this is that there are twenty or more dedicated demos. From which you can select as you wish. You can also build your site to be fully demo-ready in a flash.

The other options are made to be strong and flexible, so you can modify every aspect of your website. The font’s face and colors of every elements can all easily changed.The Fox theme is as user-friendly and is also a robust theme. This is why many site owners claim that Fox is a fast, lightweight as well as SEO friendly WordPress blogging theme that allows you to easily build an individual and distinctive blog or news site.

Fox is updated regularly and also adds new features including the most recent version 4.7.1 (December 18 2021). Update Log Fox WordPress 5.8 PHP 5,4+ 7,8, gutenberg Editor, WooCommerce, Elementor (optional), WPML, Polylang, Yoast SEO, Instagram. Overall it’s compatible with responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

4. Soledad


Soledad is an all-concept WordPress Magazine and Blog theme with hundreds of templates. It is a multi-purpose theme that is suitable for virtually any type of blog or website.

Soledad includes more than 6,800 homepage designs, which means you’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to building your own tech blog. Three design styles for blogs were specifically designed to be used on technology and news blogs.

Soledad lets you access the templates that are pre-designed and also to design your own. A lot of Soledad elements, such as the grid layouts for magazine articles and slider layouts, are able to be used to create unique designs for your pages.

You can personalize your site using the WPBakery Page Builder plugins. These plugins are simple to use and can help you develop a unique look on the WordPress blog.

It is possible to view the Changelog of the theme to see the various new features and enhancements that have been added since its release. If you’re looking at long-term plans for your blog on technology It’s worth looking into purchasing Soledad.

Soledad offers professional-looking templates to reviewing content. You can make use of to publish these reviews on your blog about technology.

5. Newspaper

Newspaper is the most simple WordPress theme that is compatible seamlessly with Instagram, BuddyPress, bbPress forums and WooCommerce by using the most simple SEO methods. It is responsive Google advertisements function in the most elegant method. Writing a news story is the most simple thing to do and you already know. If you’re looking to set up a news site and publish your content there this theme is the one for you. The theme permits users to create blog posts and articles

As you are aware, it is possible to build an excellent news site using the WordPress theme that has the paper theme. It doesn’t matter if the theme is free or cost-based you can get it and expand your business. Let’s look at who this theme is more efficient,

Ideal for bloggers who want to create an online store, shop store news, WooCommerce newspaper publication, magazine or review website.

Another intriguing aspect is that it is able to play videos on YouTube. In the same way, AMP supports fast loading on mobile devices. It also makes it simple to build other websites, like Fashion, Cryptocurrency Lifestyle, Food Modern and Luxury, Personal Viral Minimal, Minimal Project, and Web Development.


6. JNews


JNews is a well-known WordPress theme that allows users to build blogs. It was released in 2017 and remains an extremely highly-rated WordPress theme for blogs that focus on technology. JNews is a fantastic theme for anyone looking to create with a WordPress blog. Its regular updates help keep JNews’ design up-to-date and competitive. The theme also adds new features frequently.

The most recent JNews update comes with bookmarks for users, an RSS feed feature, demos for websites and other features. There’s a high chance that JNews will allow users the ability to access a themes which is always improving with each update.

The latest version of JNews does not lack any features. There are over 150 homepage layouts that you can pick from in terms of demonstrations. It comes with a bunch of designs offered for nearly every subject that includes technology news.

There are a variety of templates for posts and archives. This lets you to design a variety different styles to use in these types of areas. There are a myriad of elements to your articles that you write with JNews. These elements are displayed in JNews demo websites. JNews Demo websites.

To provide you with an idea, you can include a range types of components to the posts you post. It is possible to test all components of JNews. The demo site also gives you access to the administrator section. JNews allows you to customize your blog’s tech content by making edits to its head and footer.

7. NewsMag


Newsmag is among the top themes for building an efficient and professional looking website. The theme allows you to build blog sites, technology blogs magazines, lifestyle blogs as well as innovative blogs SEO blogs news agencies such as travel and tour agencies and lifestyle magazines. It is also suitable for business magazines, lifestyle brands and tech news websites. In addition, it’s suitable for all publishing or review sites which require a contemporary elegant, clean and sleek look.

Contemporary Newsmag is one of the most premium popular magazine blog as well as a blog WordPress theme that is extremely flexible and a mobile design. Therefore, I would like to ensure that this theme is compatible with the requirements of your business or website. We have test-driven it on a variety of devices. WordPress theme to ensure that the users can use it on any device they can see. Overall it is a great way to appear stunning, regardless of whether it’s a mobile device tablet, laptop or laptop.

8. ZoxPress


ZoxPress offers three demos of an e-commerce or blog website. The ZoxPress demos and templates make the most of the space they’re offered. Their full-width layouts are one reason. This lets you display images or other content from any part of your browser’s window.

ZoxPress lets you design distinctive designs for your tech blog whether you choose to use full-width layouts that display huge images, or the grid layouts to display your latest content.

ZoxPress has a variety of interesting features that can enhance the user experience. Autoloading posts is one of these features. If a user is finished reading the current post this feature will show the next article on autopilot. This feature can help you increase the time spent reading your tech blog.

An option for dark modes is now available in your website. Your readers can easily reduce the strain and glare on their eyes with the switch to turn off dark modes. Another way to make sure they spend more time on your blog.

ZoxPress also has a range of options for monetization. Parallax ads are just one instance. This feature allows users to scroll through the site and display ads. You can also make use of wallpaper ads to show full-screen advertisements on your site’s background.

This compatible WooCommerce plugin can be used to build subscriptions and memberships for your blog about technology. The theme and WooCommerce permit you to sell additional items like physical or digital downloads. Since ZoxPress is integrated into Google AMP, it is also mobile-friendly.

9. InHype


InHype offers numerous pre-designed templates for websites suitable for blogs that focus on technology. There are 10 ready-made web demonstrations that come with the InHype package. This offers you a wide variety of options for setting up your own tech blog. All the demos can be used to publish reviews and news about technology. The theme is compatible with eCommerce, meaning you can put products on any page, like electronic downloads, gadgets or other devices.

InHype lets you choose among 14 different layouts each article you post on your blog about technology. Each layout is different and offers many options. InHype won’t make you display your content in the identical way.

There are a variety of templates that you can utilize to display your most recent blog posts. These templates for archives are available in various forms, allowing you to showcase your content in the best possible way. The different templates are placed on specific archive pages. This allows you to customize your blog and create distinctive overall appearance.

InHype puts a lot of importance on publishing reviews. To help the review stick out from the other posts on your website There are two templates for review that are available. These templates contain additional elements like ratings charts with pros and cons lists as well as general scoring systems. InHype is a versatile blogging theme that lets you to publish the latest current tech news, reviews and tutorials.

10. SmartMag


SmartMag is an enhanced News & Magazine WordPress Theme that allows users create their own news, top magazine blog, review, or blog website. It allows you to create your WordPress website within just a few minutes!

It has also increased the number of websites by 25k+ in 2014, transforming them into battle-tested sites that have millions of users. With more than six years of feedback from users knowledge, experience, and research The ThemFirst team has updated to Ultimate version 5. (is enough to be considered good? I’d say good). But, it’s the most efficient is user-friendly, as with The other stoppers. This theme is very flexible in creating the website you want to create.


We have attempted to provide you with a all the top WordPress technology theme for blogs. There are a lot of tech WordPress themes available on the market.

These top-quality WordPress tech-focused blog themes could be an excellent method to get your site up and up and running. These themes include pre-designed templates and simple-to-use customisation options.

Each theme is different, but they’re all great value and each has advantages and disadvantages. There is also a collection of free WordPress themes.

Based on demand from users and the popularity of our site, we’ll be adding additional WordPress Free themes soon. If you’re looking for a no-cost WordPress theme, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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