[BEST] Cloud Hosting Service Providers of 2022

Cloud hosting has taken the tech world by storm, and web hosting is no exception. The rapid growth of cloud computing was that 90% of companies use cloud-based services or products for their everyday activities.

Making the switch to cloud storage is an easy decision. It’s more secure and faster than shared accounts. In addition it’s a lot less expensive than dedicated servers.

We frequently discuss the process of selecting the right host, and the various hidden features to be aware of -such as the hardware, handy features, security measures, well-versed support operators.

The goal of this article is to evaluate the best cloud hosting providers in each of the categories – beginningbusiness as well as Enterprise. We will determine which hosts offer the best capabilities or provide the best service.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is one kind of hosting that allows websites to utilize the resources of several servers, which results in a speedier performance.

On the other hand, It can be described as a networking infrastructure which is distributed across multiple physical servers. It allows the development of virtual servers that utilize the resources pooled by the entire infrastructure, bringing numerous advantages not usually available in shared servers.

There are numerous benefits when you choose cloud hosting providers. It provides unbeatable capacity, and lets you pay only for the resources you need without wasting money on costs. Cloud hosting allows you to make use of any operating system and software configuration, allowing for unbeatable possibilities of customization. In addition, it’s more affordable than alternatives.


Lightsail is a new Web Service created by Amazon that allows you to create your personal Virtual Private Server (or VPS). 

Amazon Lightsail is quite simply the most efficient method to integrate in Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services ecosystem. It is an Virtual Private Server and all the features you require to run and host a WordPress website.

There are preconfigured plans for virtual private servers that come with everything needed to install and manage your application. Lightsail is ideal for projects that require a couple of virtual private servers, and for those who want a simple administration interface. Common uses for Lightsail include web applications, running websites blogs, e-commerce sites, blogs as well as simple software and much more.”

This means you have access to your personal computer SSD storage, a dynamic IP, DNS and many more. If you’re looking to host an WordPress website on AWS hardware then this is the best option. It’s not restricted to this CMS and, as we’re an WordPress web design company is all we are concerned about.

2. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is among the top cloud hosting companies in the US. However, it caters equally to small-scale businesses as well as large-scale enterprises. If you’re looking to accelerate your website’s performance or develop a cloud-based application or analyze massive volumes of information. DigitalOcean provides a wide range of solutions to choose from.

The secret to this flexibility is DigitalOcean’s system for Droplets. Instead of enrolling in only one plan with the same amount of RAM or CPUs You can buy the number of Droplets, or virtual CPUs. You’d like through the organization. It is even better the option of deciding if you require general-purpose Droplets for things such as web hosting, or memory-optimized Droplets to store and retrieve huge databases.

Each Droplet can be installed with any of the six Linux distributions along with applications such as Docker, MySQL, and Node.js. Additionally monitoring of performance and system-level backups are performed on the individual level of Droplets..

DigitalOcean isn’t the least expensive cloud hosting service available on the market. A basic Droplet with 1GB of RAM is $5 per month. However, the scalability implies that you’ll pay only for only what you require. The company also offers an hourly rate for development projects that are short-term.

3. Cloudways

Cloudways offers a unique approach to cloud hosting compared to many other platforms available. Instead of providing its own cloud hosting service, Cloudways connects you with five of the best cloud providers, including Amazon, Google, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr.

Cloudways adds its own security and management framework over this computing infrastructure. This strategy is ideal for a range of companies, not just because it allows you to be flexible regarding pricing. Cloudways provides different plans for each provider of infrastructure as well as the option to pay hourly or monthly, based on the size of the project.

You can also choose the location of your data center that should be located to ensure you receive the highest performance for your company and customers. Between the five companies there are over 60 data centers located in 25 cities across the globe.

In addition, Cloudways’ managed hosting platform is designed to satisfy the needs of a variety of clients. It comes with Nginx, MySQL, PHP 7, Apache, Memcached along with Varnish Cache, in addition to other essential systems. Git integrates to encourage the collaboration of app developers and it is easy to backup, clone or restore your repository using one click.

One of the major drawbacks to cloud hosting with Cloudways to host your cloud hosting plan is that service charges an additional fee. Every plan offers live chat 24/7, however If you’d like to talk to tech support via telephone, you’ll need to purchase an upgrade to support costing 500 dollars per month.

4. Google Cloud

Google Cloud web hosting is part of the larger Google Cloud platform. It’s a pay-as you-use system which means that the cost is based on the services you require and also the cost calculator helps users figure out the price their choice costs.

Google Cloud is a Google Cloud platform is a great choice for hosting. It offers a wide range of options, however, a few that stand out specifically for web hosting.

Google Domains allows you to locate, evaluate and register domain names to your website. The domain name comes with an email address with the domain along with privacy protection that hides your identity. Domain Name System (DNS) security to safeguard your website from threats and domain forwarding that makes it easier to transfer your site.

You have the option of choosing from more than 100 options to deploy, which makes it easy to install a variety of other services into the cloud, such as WordPress and Google Firebase. If you’re working on more sophisticated development, you can choose to deploy technology stacks such as LAMP (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, and PHP).

It is worth noting that the Google Cloud platform offers a array of additional features that are easy to include, based on the flexibility of pricing. For instance the smart analytics options can allow you to maximize your usage. Also, artificial intelligence software tools, like Google AI Platform. Google AI Platform that allows the development of models that use machine learning.


The article below, we have attempted to present to you an entire list of most reliable web hosting service providers around the world. Our expert has selected the top cloud hosting services on the basis of price, server up-time Reliability, User-Friendly and more. We strongly recommend that you do your research before choosing the right hosting.

When you have finalized a hosting plan and you’re looking for recommendations on the most suitable WordPress theme that will work with your WordPress website if you choose to go with the WordPress CMS. There are also free WordPress themes too.

In case you’ve got a doubts regarding the choice of the right hosting service for your needs, please leave a post a comment below and we’ll respond in the shortest time possible.

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