[Top 10] Best Email Marketing Tools in the Market

Best Email Marketing Tools: It’s not a secret that the use of email for marketing is a powerful method of reaching your client base. It’s all it takes is knowing your target audience, putting with a little personality, and some assistance from an extensive toolkit for email marketing arsenal.

The search for an effective email marketing tool that can meet the requirements of your email marketing campaign is not as difficult. Since most software for email marketing are similar in terms of capabilities and prices.

These services include free trials, extensive collection of email templates, social media integrations and email scheduling.

When you use email marketing software you can automate your marketing workflow. You can send a lot of good e-mails and build a deep relationship with the visitors.

But when it comes to finding the best email marketing tools, you must consider many aspects. In this article, we are going to review Top 10 leading email marketing automation tools in the market.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is well-known in the field of CRM however they also offer an email marketing tool for free that can help small businesses with transactions with their email requirements. This drag-and-drop application is simple to use and has an interactive editor with modern templates that make it easy to handle thousand of emails.

HubSpot’s marketing email service provides the ability to integrate with other tools for marketing and provides a central database of contacts that you can create lists, and control and monitor the effectiveness of your emails.

What is it that makes HubSpot Email Marketing different apart is of course its integration with the other HubSpot tools, including the free forever CRM. When you sign up for an account and sign up, you have access to both tools , so you can set up a central contacts database, arrange it into lists, as well as keep track of the performance of your email.

2. Sender

Sender is among the most effective free tools for marketing via email on marketplace with features that ensure delivery. It allows you to design amazing newsletters with no HTML expertise. Simply select templates and then customize it with elements such as video, images and text. You can also personalize your newsletters to each individual to make a bigger impact.

The powerful analytics feature of Sender is among the main reasons we have it in our top list. It allows you to monitor who opened your emails , clicked on hyperlinks, the time they were opened, and much more. It also helps you create accurate buyer profiles from the actions of your subscribers, meaning you’ll be able enhance your email strategy and design attractive promotions.

The target customers Medium and small companies


  • Send 15,000 email messages per month using the plan for free
  • Dashboard with streamlined design
  • Form builder that is easy to use
  • Free features for email automation


  • Limited email templates
  • The drag-and drop editor is basic.

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a marketing communications platform that offers marketing tools for email and other features like customer relationship management as well as creating landing pages. With over 70 templates for design that is usable for designing emails, the functions of Sendinblue’s email marketing help you create an attractive email. Furthermore the templates are responsive and you can test your designs so that you can make sure your design is exactly how you’d like regardless of the screen size.

After you’ve designed your emails, you are able to utilize features such as A/B tests and segmented list of recipients for taking the manual work and uncertainty from optimizing your emails and focusing on your ideal audience.

Customers to target From small to large-sized digital marketing and advertising companies


  • Send 300 emails every day.
  • Simple to use, with the drag-and-drop editor
  • Ideal for managing and sending promotions
  • Offer multiple email design options


  • Personalization and fonts may be improved

4. Omnisend

Omnisend is an advanced ecommerce marketing system that integrates all of your communication channels in one location. Its free plan only includes email however it’s sufficient to assist the marketing via email of small and medium-sized businesses. It lets you automate the sending of emails by through triggers based on behavior and adjust the frequency of your messages in accordance with your customers’ preferences.

You can use its vast data on your audience to deliver targeted marketing emails. Create appealing newsletters by using tools that save time, such as the Product Picker which allows you to select the various products you wish to incorporate into your emails. It is also possible to add scratch-cards, discount coupons as well as gift boxes to improve the performance of your email.

Customers to target customers: medium and small online retailers


  • Campaign booster to improve the performance of emails
  • Integrated SMS and automated email
  • Pre-built workflows for e-commerce
  • You can send 500 email messages per month with the plan for free.


  • The scheduling of emails can be an issue

5. SendPulse

SendPulse claims to be as a multi-channel marketing platform that is more than the email platform. With the paid plans you can manage a variety of functions on the platform, including email web push SMS SMTP, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. You can send various types of messages in a single batch or mix them together to create autoresponders.

SendPulse offers its plans in a split according to the services you need. For instance, it provides an email marketing plan for free that is suitable for people with less than 2,500 subscribers, and do not require the services of a professional. Additionally, it offers a free Web Push service to unlimited subscribers , as well as unlimited push notifications. Additionally, it offers unlimited messages for free on Facebook Messenger. It is possible to send 12,000 messages through SMTP as well as API no cost.

Its email marketing is advanced, with a drag and drop editor. It has over 100 ready-made templates. Automation 360 allows you to make use of Automation 360 to set up emails and push notifications on the web and SMS flow based on events, variables, and the actions that your users decide to take.

6. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is an excellent alternative to an effective tool for marketing via email that allows you to design emails that are responsive and appear great on any device they’re displayed on. If you’re looking to include images in an email message, you can modify the image directly within the app. The editor for emails allows you to add effects stickers, and even text to convey your message.

There is the option to pick from a wide range of templates that have been designed in advance based on type, industry and even the time of the event. For those who are HTML skilled, you can also use an editor for code to design emails completely from scratch. Dual view allows you to see the design of your email while you’re editing it, making the entire email creation process.

Customers to target Medium and small businesses


  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Make mobile-friendly and responsive emails that are responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Real-time news reports
  • Inbox checker helps visualize email across devices
  • Supports the automation of marketing emails
  • Blocks for eCommerce to market and sell items via email
  • Block for Shopify products to allow eCommerce users to sell their Shopify items via email


  • The feature for marketing automation isn’t as powerful as other companies’

7. Mailchimp

MailChimp is perhaps the most well-known emailing tool that is covered here. They are constantly updating their product and introduce new features. They recently grew their offering to provide an all-in-one advertising platform.

MailChimp is well-known for the excellent quality of its free offerings. It offers all the essentials for companies just beginning to get started. The company now has fewer options for marketing via email on the free plan than it did previously, however it has also provided a basic service to an expanded selection of marketing channels such as email and landing pages along with Facebook and Instagram advertisements, social posts postcards, pop-up forms. The paid-up levels bring the additional channel of advertising retargeting on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The free version comes with an entry-level CRM with one audience, a associated dashboards, tags and segments, as well as contact profiles.

You can access Mailchimp’s Content Studio in the free version. It lets you save and sync all of your graphics, photos and other data, to ensure that your campaigns remain constant. The service also offers a selection of basic templates with more templates available for subscription plans that are paid.

There is a single-step automations in the free plan including email welcome messages, purchase notification abandon carts and many more.

Customers to target Medium-sized, small and large-sized enterprises


  • Platform that is easy to use
  • Manage the management of 2,000 contacts
  • Access more than 250 third-party applications
  • Clean and customisable email templates that are clean and customizable


  • The reporting of email and the analytical insight could be improved

8. MailerLite

Advanced features such as the landing page builder as well as the pop-up customizer help MailerLite distinguish itself from other free email programs on the market. Apart from the basic features such as the drag-and-drop email creator and the pop-up editor, this tool is also equipped with an extensive text editor as well as a built-in photo editor that lets you create stunning emails.

It is possible to create responsive landing pages that match the emails you send that will increase the chances of converting. You can conduct split-tests using different versions of your emails to determine which one is most effective in driving conversions and clicks. MailerLite offers you with complete reports on campaigns which includes important statistics like click rates, unsubscribe rate open rate, click rate, and much other important information.

9. Mailjet

Mailjet is described as the ideal email platform for teams with a fast pace of change. It is the only platform you can use to edit, create and send out emails in a group.

Its free plan was designed for people who wish to send less than 6000 emails each month. You can choose between the Premium or Basic plans, which both are available in five pricing levels, based on the amount of emails you plan to send. Additionally, there’s an option to customize the Enterprise pricing option with special account management for users who send more than 900,000 emails each month.

In contrast to other tools, the free version does not have a limit on the number of recipients you can send your emails to. It’s an amount of 6,000 email messages per month. You’ll have access to an advanced editor for emails and get advanced statistics regarding your campaigns.

Customers to target Medium and small-sized marketing and development teams


  • Send out 6,000 emails each month for free as well as up to 200 email per day
  • Manage unlimited contacts
  • Multiple pre-built email templates
  • Simple to use and a simple interface


  • Conditions for limited automation
  • Segmentation may be improved

10. Moosend

It is an effective email marketing tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks and saves time. It allows you to design behavioural emails based on subscribers’ details and/or actions. You can make use of the advanced segmentation feature of MailChimp to send precise emails to every recipient, increasing open rates and click-through rates as well as maximizing ROI.

This tool will provide you with an in-depth performance report to help you understand precisely how to improve your campaigns to get more effective results. It is also possible to integrate it with the most popular apps to efficiently share crucial information between various tools. It’s also among the few free marketing tools that doesn’t use its logo in emails.

Customers to target Target customers: Small and medium-sized businesses


  • Unlimited emails are sent for absolutely nothing
  • A variety of pre-built automation templates
  • Simple to use automation workflow builder
  • Real-time, powerful analytics in real time


  • Limited customer support available for free users

How to Select the Best Email marketing Tool for you

The most efficient email marketing service is likely to be different to you. For instance the multi-million-dollar info product industry will have different requirements than the basic blogger.

There are some specific aspects we have taken into account since we believe they’re the most crucial for the majority of businesses.

I’ll go over the specifics of the process we used to create this list. I’ll detail what’s important to you, what’s not, and the information you should be aware of in order to choose the right solution for you.


Based on the information above, it is clear that with the above Email marketing tools we are able to accomplish our Email marketing tasks with ease. There are many other tools that can provide the advantages of marketing via email. However, the key is that you have to choose the one which is suitable for your needs. In order to do that, you need to be aware of the benefits you will get.

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